Hello fam!

This year our annual Strength to Give proceeds will be going to a very special project – Santa Barbara’s very first all-inclusive playground!! Our event is Oct 5!

The nonprofit we will be donating to is the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. At 6 months old, Gwendolyn was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA, for which there is no cure. Her battle was lost at 7 years old in 2015, but her legacy lives on – and our mighty little gym wants to help.

The Strongs, who live in Santa Barbara, are currently working hard to see this all-inclusive playground come to fruition.

What is an all-inclusive playground? It will be a playground where all kids can play – particularly those with any disabilities that prevent them from playing in the average playground. There will be ADA ramps, sensory tunnels, an accessible swingset area, and benches with companion seating.

Taking from the NeverGiveUp.org web site, “Inclusive play helps develop a true understanding of the world and encourages appreciation of the differences between people. More importantly, inclusive play recognizes our similarities and builds a more compassionate society.”

This year, we’re asking our Community for a lot. We’re hoping athletes will get sponsors to donate to their participation in our annual Strength to Give. All funds raised will go straight to the Never Give Up Foundation – we want to help see this playground get made – afterall, CrossFit Pacific Coast is one big playground for us – so obviously we relate to the need for play! What’s even better, if we reach our goal of $15K (I know we can do it!) we will get our very own plaque at the playground with our gym’s name!

The playground will be located at Dwight Murphy, near East Beach and the SB Zoo. The vision has been made, SB Parks & Rec are on board, and the plans are already drawn out – all that’s needed is the funding – so let’s get to it!

To do: Sign up for Strength to Give and begin asking your friends and family for donations. Also, great people, we are asking for any raffle donations for the day of the event. If you know a business owner, want to donate a gift yourself, or have recommendations — do tell!

Questions: Please don’t hesitate to ask any of the Strength to Give team: Danielle, Dania, Becky, Emily, Jen B or Sierra!


The Strong family.