The Best Personal Trainers in Santa Barbara – It’s Our Passion:


In our Personal Training program you will receive:

    • A personal coach to keep you on track and accountable, reducing your stress and anxiety.
    • Workouts designed to meet your individual goals and needs, ensuring you’re getting only what you need and nothing else.
    • An experienced coach on site with you at every workout creating a safe, highly effective environment for you to thrive.
    • The fastest results possible. Bar none.
    • Goal Setting: No matter what your goals are – looking good, feeling good, or living longer – your coach will be there to help set and achieve whatever you are looking for.

Before beginning a personal training series, each athlete will sit down with their designated coach and discuss the client’s history, goals, desires, prior stumbling blocks, and motivational preferences.

Together with their coach, a tailored plan of training, nutrition, and lifestyle pieces will be laid out to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and success. Then that plan will be executed with the coach right there guiding you every step of the way!

If you have the determination, and drive to achieve your goals in a manner that will also allow you to be inspired and educated, then Gravitas Personal Training is for you.


Sick of feeling sick and tired?

We're here for you! Come in and talk to our knowledgeable and caring staff and we'll discuss how we can help you reach your goals!