Gravitas Fitness has partnered with healthcare providers in the Santa Barbara community so that our members have the best options in all areas of health and wellness. We are confident when sending one of our clients to these providers knowing that they will be in the hands of people we trust.

Brandon Slaugh Chiropractic

Depending on the diagnosis and the patient, I typically incorporate soft tissue manipulation, chiropractic manipulation, and rehabilitation exercises with each patient.  The emphasis on the soft tissue manipulation.  Soft tissue manipulation comes in many forms, such as, Grasston (scraping), Active Release Technique (ART), Fascial Distortion Model (FDM), etc.  The idea is treating the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia to reduce pain, increase range of motion, increase endurance, and get you back to performing duties and activities that you want and need to do.  I use diversified technique most often when performing chiropractic manipulation. This is the most common technique used by chiropractors. 

KINECI specializes in Movement Health & Performance. They do more than just treat symptoms or offer generic exercise protocols. Rather, they identify problems, find causes, and fix them using your movement as medicine.
Now partnering with EAT by Evie Fatz to bring you weekly meal plans as part of our nutrition program!

At Dr Kori – Chiropractic we believe everyone deserves to live a wellness centered life, able to EXPRESS LIFE the way you were designed… in ABUNDANCE. This is why we offer chiropractic memberships tailored to fit your lifestyle.


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