While the rest of the country is experiencing the transition from summer to fall – leaves changing color and falling from the trees, a cold chill in the air with hot apple cider to keep warm and kids in costumes begging for candy – here in Santa Barbara we are filling our carts with pumpkin spice everything, dodging sorority girls in mini skirts and Ugg boots, and having the same weather we always do. There is one thing that makes the shift from October to November special for those of us at CPC. It’s true, folks, time to pass the crown (if she can reach it!). We love you Dan O., but there’s a new Queen in town and she’s coming for your crown! CPC’ers everywhere, grab that 1985 vintage Cabernet you’ve been holding on to, cue up the Shania Twain and…wait for it…Let’s go girls. Give it up for Liz “TANK” Wilson!

You can find Liz rolling up to evening classes in her massive Euro van thingy. She might have her children in tow and sometimes a bunny or two. Maybe even a chicken, depending on the day. She’s also been known to slang some wine now and then. The point is, you know Liz even if you don’t know Liz. And, if you know Liz, you love Liz3101.

Originally from Long Beach, Liz eventually made her way to San Luis Obispo, where she lived for 16 years, before settling in Santa Barbara. A lady of many talents and trades, Liz has her own catering business and works at a luxury boutique on State St.. She is also a full time mom to two darling little ones, Dean and Viviane. But wait! There’s more. Liz is a complete and total BADASS! Catch her at 5:30 class carrying a sandbag that weighs the same as she does. No joke. The woman is STRONG.  

Liz made her way to CPC about a year ago by way of the 6 week women’s challenge. Coach Chance knew that Liz was cut out for more and pushed her in the direction of group classes. Guess what happened next? That’s right, full blown Kool-Aid effect. Liz started doing group classes and has quickly become a coach favorite and our very own CPC Team Mom. “Being both soft and strong is a combination few have mastered” Coach Chance said of Liz. “Her daily life is a constant grind between work and her kids, who are the reason she has so much grit and tenacity. She’s a fucking MONSTER!”

When she’s not in the gym you can find Liz roaming the beach with her kids, gardening and cooking (also with her kids) or perusing her collection of fine wine for whatever she’s drinking next (no kids here!). If there are two things I know about Liz, it’s this: 1. She’s an incredibly loving and involved mother and 2. She’s an incredibly strong athlete with big appetite for crushing workouts! Liz, we love you. You work hard both in and outside of the gym, you ALWAYS have a smile on you face, and your presence is disarming. For all that and so much more, we salute you! Tonight we pair this dark, full-bodied glass of red wine with an extra large cheers to you! 


— Coach Sally DeLyser