This past weekend, I had the privilege to travel to NorCal Masters to support the 4 Gravitas athletes we had competing (Augie, Claw, Adam, and Dugan). I didn’t know what to expect from the opponents or the workouts, but I knew it was going to be a fight from our athletes judging by the passion and determination these four embody in class workouts each day. Some of the workouts the athletes had to compete in included heavy squat cleans, Turkish get ups and a grueling 1,200m run while carrying a 45-lb plate. Despite the bruises and sore muscles, these four fought to the finish and didn’t let any obstacle get in their way.
Originally, I thought the weekend would just be about supporting and coaching our athletes, like any other competition our athletes attend. I had no idea how inspired I would be from these guys.  Respect to those four not fearing the outcome but enjoying the process. I only hope to be as fit and inspiring when I reach the ripe age of those men. Thank you for showing those outside of our gym what we strive to represent and make those inside proud to be part of it.
–Chance D.
(Photo courtesy of Augie’s FB page)