The Gravitas CrossFit Open Intramural is back! We’ve re-spun the competition to see what time of day is the best during the Open. This competition is participation driven, instead of solely performance, so all skill levels should sign up!


So who is on which team? We’re breaking the gym into three (3) teams:

Morning (Coach Chan)

In-Between (Coach Chance)

Evening (Coach Bret)

So, sign up on the board for the team that represents which time you most often train at the gym (Your teammates during this should be who you commonly train with!) To make the teams have even amount of members (at least ten (10) per team), the captains will have an option of moving person around.

Great, how does the scoring work? Here’s the breakdown of how you can score points for your team:

  • 50 Points Signing up for the OPEN on
  • 30 Points 1st Attempt at the Workout
  • 10 Points Judging/Counting (Only counts for the athlete’s 1st Attempt)
  • 15 Points Performing the Workout on Friday (1st Attempt Only) 30 Points Achieving a Personal PR (Movements, Weight, or Improved performance from last year’s OPEN)
  • 10 Points Dressing up for Friday’s Theme

So Gravletes, again, sign up on the board at the gym once you decide on your team … and be prepared, these three coaches are coming for ya!

Sign up for the OPEN and choose your Team! Click here.