This month we had a special guest write up the Athlete of the Month … so without further ado, let me introduce our Mr. September, Dan Oriskovich, by guest auithor, Augie.

Dan O. Multi-faceted Dan O. A man among … other men … And Women. I first met him on a mountain near Jerusalem asking God for forgiveness for the Sarasin blood spilt by his sword. He amazed me still further in Italy when he saved a fouless beauty from the would-be ravishing’s of her Turkish uncle. In Greece, he spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound … of a whisper. (An apt refrain from Knight’s Tale.)

Yes, you may consider Dan just a large-body blotting out the sun as he enters his lifting domain but to consider him just a meathead would do disservice to his more complex and textured nature. Not only is he an athlete, he sires athletes. His fabulous volleyball playing spiker daughter from San Marcos and his leviathan of a son matriculating at UCSB light up the local news rags. To get a sense of the type of DNA lurking in Dan O, is but to ponder the Cathedral peak picture myself and his son James, a water polo playing dreadnaught on the UCSB water polo team now ranked #1 in the nation. Yes, superior DNA and sparkling eyes that have caused vapors, hot flashes and the spontaneous release of ova across a wide swath of the fairer sex when visiting the Spring break zones of our friendly neighbor to the South on one of his solitary pilgrimages to local monasteries may be a primary selling point, but he also owns one of the keenest minds in banking, able to leap tall commercial loans in a single bound.

All kidding aside, at a time in my life when I was at low ebb and not emotionally not able to grind it out in the company of such wonderful and mighty brethren and sistren of the CPC, when he heard my plight, without him even knowing me, he got the gym to open at 11PM at night and came down to work out with me in solitude until I was fit to rejoin this incredible CPC family. He is a hard-working, slightly mischievous bad ass who simply honors me and those around him with his positivity and bonhomie. AOTM is a most worthy accolade and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the gym in the coming years. Much love and respect, Aug

P.s. If uh there are any fouless beauties out there, some time has passed for Dan since Italy …