Autumn is officially upon us. The trees are starting to lose their leaves, the days are getting shorter and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING has taken over grocery store shelves. The school year is in full swing and the countdown to Star Wars: The Last Jedi is underway (78 days), which means it is time to recognize yet another badass athlete.  Ladies and gentlemen, barbells and barbellas, raise your pumpkin spice latte, grab your favorite, elaborately decorated cupcake, and throw on that gold Princess Leia bikini that’s been hiding in your closet since the 80’s to help us crown this year’s Ms. September — Palonia “hand me my barbell cleaning kit” Jimenez!

Palonia hit the Crossfit scene HARD, after being introduced via the New You program. She started at Gravitas back in 2016, when she took a leap of faith and clicked on a Facebook ad for the New You program. She signed up, interviewed with Malzone and hasn’t looked back since. After two sessions, she was hooked. She has been a permanent fixture around the gym ever since. Her passion for competition has led her to become an ID client with the emphasis on crushing local comps. Not to mention she has already invested in her own Oly bar …  And if you come on Saturdays, you will find her posted up in the back of the gym cleaning her barbell. Adorbs right!?

Palonia’s talents extend far beyond the gym. She is a gifted baker (chocolate oly lifters on top of lemon meringue cupcakes?!?!), a Star Wars fanatic, and one of the most thoughtful humans you will ever meet. However, it would be easy not to know these things about Palonia, since she is also incredibly quiet. If you are lucky enough to break through to the inner circle, you will find one caring, smart, and funny young lady. Her caring nature shines through in her day job at Sansum Clinic where she spends her time dealing with patients. And it wouldn’t be unusual to find a mysterious box of donuts or bouquet of flowers appear on your desk at the hands of Palonia. The girl is all heart.

It goes without saying that to know Palonia is to love Palonia. Her hard work, sense of humor and caring soul leave us all wanting more of her in our lives. We are lucky to have her as a member here at Gravitas and even luckier to call her family. So, polish up your barbell, pile on the weights and squat snatch to your heart’s desire. You’ve earned this!