As the days grow shorter, kids everywhere are planning their Halloween costumes and gearing up to score loads of sugary goodness, we at Gravitas Fitness are preparing to crown a new king of the castle. Let’s all take a moment of silence to honor the end of Bowl season, buy a plane ticket to some far away foreign land, and pour a stiff glass of whiskey as we celebrate Mr. October, the one and only 7am-er Jacob Grayston!

Jacob hails from Santa Barbara and came to Gravitas/CPS in 2014 . Jacob is one of the only regular 7am-ers, and can regularly be found lifting lots of weight with his gym husband and fellow 7am-er Capp. I kid you not, this kid is a phenomenal olympic lifter. When he’s not in the gym you can find Jacob working at our local gem the Santa Barbara Bowl. He also LOVES music and attending concerts, has a major case of the travel bug, and enjoys sipping on a fine whiskey. Jacob recently took a solo trip to the Crossfit holy land of Iceland where he explored the caves of a glacier, bathed in the Blue Lagoon, and sampled some local brews.  But, when it comes down to it, Jacob is through and through a music fan. Take one look at his social media and you’ll see that any act that comes through SB, Jacob is likely to go see.

While his love for music is admirable, it’s his love of and dedication to Crossfit that has earned him his spot as AOTM. Jacob’s technique is impeccable and it shows in his numbers. He recently PR’d his snatch at 175#, with a goal to hit 185#. While many of us pull off large numbers using brute strength, Jacob takes the time to learn how to lift properly and efficiently. His lifts are pretty and his hard work is clearly paying off.

So, fellow Gravletes, get out your favorite high ball glass, put a giant ice cube in it and grab the Macallan off the top shelf. This month we are toasting Mr. “hand me my passport and buy me a ticket to the show” Jacob Grayston! Jacob, you are a kind soul, a passionate human, and a hell of an athlete. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and we absolutely LOVE having you as a part of our community. Keep kicking ass and keep being you!