Turkey day has come and gone and the holiday season is officially upon us. We’ve let out our waistbands to make room for more turkey, we’ve elbowed bitches out of the way to snag the best Black Friday deals, and we’ve defended our politics and lifestyle choices to distant relatives at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Before we say goodbye to the short days of November, we here at Gravitas have one last order of business. So, without further ado, crank the volume on your favorite Xmas jam, top off your eggnog, and shake your jingle bells for Ms. November…Randi “have you seen these pearly whites?!” Honeycutt!

Randi, affectionately referred to as “Randal” by some, hails from Longmont, Colorado and is a recent graduate of UCSB. She spent the summer in the ocean working with the fishies in Moorea, French Polynesia and is currently looking into going to grad school for Marine Biology. Knowing all that, it will come as no surprise that Randi is also a big fan of Scuba diving. She is also a big fan of spending time with friends and can be found spending time with her favorites at local concerts or beer festivals. There is no doubt that this girl is a good time!

Randi is also, of course, a big fan of CrossFit. She joined our Gravitas/CPC family about a year and a half ago. A staple at the 6 a.m./7 a.m. classes, she has done nothing but crush shit since joining CPC and was a heavy hitter on team Snap Crackle Pop in our gym’s Intramural Open competition in the intermediate category. You can also find her working on those gymnastic skills every Tuesday night at Campbell’s “Gymnasty” class. Randi works hard, plays hard, and is everyone’s biggest supporter. I’m not sure any of us would recognize her if she walked into the gym with a frown on her face. Her smile is contagious. Not only does she push herself to the limits in every WOD, but she encourages everyone in class to push themselves as well.

As we gear up for a holiday season full of drunk co-workers and family members, consumerism, and pure, corn-fed, American gluttony, make sure to pour one out for the homie Randi. She is an absolute rockstar and we are lucky to have her. Randi, you are an inspiration to us all and it has been a pleasure to watch you grow as an athlete and as a person. Keep kicking ass and keep doing it with a smile on your face. In the words of the great Mariah Carey, “All we want for xmas is you!”