We’ve earned our Mardi Gras beads, we’ve drank our weight in green beer, and our March Madness bracket is officially busted. This means there is only one more order of business before we say goodbye to the month of March. That’s right, Gravletes, it’s time to crown yet another Athlete of the Month. Without further ado, gather your homemade theraguns and throw those hands in the air for Mr. March – Gannon “the CrossFit encyclopedia” Boyd!

Gannon is a regular at the “dad bod” noon class and has been with us for a little over a year now. He found his way to Gravitas, along with Troy and Justin (also team dad bod), after being introduced by a friend. Now, please do not hold what I am about to tell you next against Gannon, he knew not what he was doing, but Gannon used to bag on CrossFit pretty hard (it’s ok, I promise. Take a breath!). As we all know, CrossFit Hater-itis is easily cleared up with a small taste of the infamous CrossFit kool-aid. Like the rest of us, Gannon was not immune to the powers of the kool-aid and it didn’t take long for him to become a full blown CrossFit lover and expert. Just ask him about any of the sanctional events, Open performances, or Games athletes…he’s a wealth of CrossFit knowledge!

A big fan of Olympic lifts and squatting, Gannon does his homework when it comes to the movements. While he may not be able to perform them all, he puts in the work and sets attainable goals for himself. He is currently working on perfecting his double unders and has committed to practicing 5 minutes every day. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the stuff AOTMs are made of! Outside of the gym Gannon is both a husband and a father. Raised in Hermosa Beach, Gannon has been in Santa Barbara for about 20 years. When he’s not studying up on CrossFit, he enjoys traveling, surfing and tinkering with things — have you seen the theragun he made out of a power tool?!?!

Gannon is fluent in Spanish, works at PIVIT, and is one of the most loyal friends a person could hope for. He is a husband of more than 20 years, a loving father, and an intelligent athlete. As with all of our AOTMs, Gannon is a well-rounded human. He may not finish first in every metcon or put up the biggest numbers on his lifts, but he works hard, he cares, and he does things correctly. And for that, Gannon, we salute you! Next time you are studying up on Sanctional events while enjoying an ice cold beer, make sure to pour one out for the homie Gannon. This one’s for you!

— Coach Sally D