Spring has officially arrived and April is coming at us in full force. As CrossFitters everywhere celebrate the end of the Open (fantasizing about Dave Castro’s slow, painful death), college students are gearing up for a spring break filled with the timeless tradition of beer bongs and wet t-shirt contests. With the changing seasons comes an opportunity for us here at Gravitas to bring back an age old tradition of our own. That’s right folks, we will once again fight to the death each month and crown a single athlete the world famous, very prestigious title of Athlete of the Month. Just kidding. No one is going to have to volunteer as tribute. But one of you badasses is going to have epic bragging rights for a full month, and maybe even your picture up in the gym. Do we still do that? Who cares. Ladies and gentlemen, children and whatever you would call Mochee, throw you beer in the air, fill your mouth with Peeps and give it up for our very own Mr. March, Brian McCurdy!

Brian came to Santa Barbara by way of Los Angeles, where he was born and raised, with a short stint in upstate New York. Like so many Gauchos before him, Brian wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Santa Barbara when he graduated from UCSB. Lucky for us Brian got a job working at his alma mater (ole!) as an administrator in the Office of Research. When he’s not at work or in the gym, you can find Brian playing baseball with the Salty Dogs, a local men’s team, or enjoying a beer with friends. Fun fact: Brian loves beer, but has terrible taste in it. We all have our faults, Brian. We love you anyway.

We can credit his better half, Kristin, for Brian finding his way to Gravitas. She joined after doing the New You program, right around the same time she and Brian met. All it took was the Gravitas holiday party for Brian to see the light. That’s right, when Kristin brought Brian as her plus on to the holiday party he knew he wanted in. Who wouldn’t? Brian already had an engine like the Energizer Bunny, but was looking to get into the weight lifting game. A game that the globe gym just couldn’t compete in. Brian was quick to learn that Gravitas not only had all he wanted in the way of ass-kicking workouts, but also an incredibly strong and welcoming community. Needless to say, he’s been hooked since day one.

Brian knows no strangers, always has a smile on his face and can talk shit with the best of them. Not only that, but he crushes workouts. This is the first year Brian has done the CrossFit Open, complete with a PR in 18.3. While he’s always thought he didn’t have the mobility to do a proper overhead squat, Brian went for it in 18.3 and hammered those things out like a pro. Excellent work Brian!

Clearly Brian is a badass both in and out of the gym. He’s one of the most happy-go-lucky guys we know and we are truly lucky to have him as one of our own. Thank you Kristin for bringing him to us, thank you Gravletes for being so awesome he stayed, and thank you Brian for being you! Today, we honor you by raising our pint of the finest sour beer, pouring it out because it is GROSS, and giving our loudest Gravitas “fuck yeah!”