The kiddies are out of school, the tourists are out in droves and we have yet to see the sun in the year 2019. June gloom has us pondering the age old question — if the sun doesn’t come out on Summer Solstice, did it ever even happen? Fear not Graveletes, for my mission here is to bring some sunshine to the people of Gravitas. As we say goodbye to June, we say hello to the most recent badass to rule the Gravitas roost. Athletes near and far, turn off your inside voice and crank up that outdoor voice as you help me in congratulating Ms. July — the one and only Emily “you’ll hear me before you see me” Schwab!

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Emily has been a member at Gravitas for about a year and a half. She made her way to us after 2 years of coercing, pleading and shaming from Coach Sally. As we all know, one can only resist the charms of Coach Sally for so long and much to our pleasure, Emily finally drank the Kool-Aid. In fact, she chugged that shit! And boy are we glad she did! Since joining the gym, Emily has participated in multiple Nutrition Challenges and Barbell Clubs, as well as regularly attending group classes, social functions and fine tuning her skills on the ID side. She is also responsible for bringing us her quieter, but equally badass other half, Sam Schwab. Emily hit the CrossFit scene hard, went all in, and the results speak for themselves. Pick a lift and I guarantee you she has PR’d it in the last 3 months. She’s showing very little signs of slowing down, so we all might as well get used to seeing her name on the PR board. 

Emily’s super powers reach far beyond the confines of our gym. By day, she is a Speech and Language Pathologist at a public elementary school in town. That’s right, the lady with the voice spends her days helping kids find a voice of their own. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for the past 3 years and I’ve seen it in action. She changes lives, while earning endless love and admiration from students, families and coworkers. It really is something special. Not only that, but give her a hammer and some power tools and she’ll get right to work. On her days off she has been helping her parents build a new house. Like, from the ground. On what was once an empty lot. Functional fitness at its finest, folks! So, be sure to reach out to her for your next home improvement project.

When she’s not in the gym you can find Emily at the beach (or near some other body of water), tearing up the town with friends, or following the Oakland A’s around the country. She and her hubby, Sam have a goal to see a game in every stadium! Emily is also a HUGE Harry Potter fan, LOVES flamingos, and regularly listens to podcasts and books on tape. Whether it’s going to brunch, grabbing a drink, or a weekend getaway, Emily is always down for a good time and some hearty laughs. Once of the many reasons we hold her dear!  

To know Emily, is to love Emily. She’s loud, she’s outgoing, she’s hilarious. She’s fierce, she’s friendly, she’s funny. She’s not afraid to tell you exactly what she’s thinking, and she’s the first person to show up when you need a helping hand. When the WOD has you feeling like death is laughing in your face, Emily’s cheers will keep you moving. And, if you are lucky enough, she may even knit you matching hats for you and your cat. This is just the type of person she is and exactly why she’s earned the title of Athlete of the Month. For all of this and so much more, we salute you, Emily. Tonight, we warm up our vocal chords, pour a tall glass of Boochcraft, and give our loudest “LET’S FUCKING GO!” for you!

— Coach Sally