After 150 days of January, February has come and gone in a flash. Punxsutawney Phil could not find his shadow, which means we are in for an early spring, and the Valentine’s Day sugar crash is finally subsiding. More importantly, the close of February means it’s time to crown another Gravitas Athlete of the Month! So, ladies, gentlemen and everyone else, please remove your mittens and give it up for Ms. February, Natalie “nobody gets this rose for free” Da Silveira!

Born and raised in Brazil, Natalie also spent some time in Hong Kong while growing up before making her way to Santa Barbara to play for UCSB’s tennis team. A regular at the morning classes, Natalie hit the CrossFit scene hard. It is not unusual to find her before or after class working on the latest skill she is trying to master, from double unders to butterfly pull-ups. It is also not unusual for her to master said skill by the following day. There is no doubt about it, this girl is an athlete in every sense of the word!

Natalie found Gravitas through YELP (thanks Internet!), and has been chasing those gains ever since. When she’s not crushing workouts, you can find Natalie on the tennis court, watching The Bachelor, shaking her booty on the dance floor while throwing back a Boochcraft with some friends. Whatever it is she is doing, you better believe she will be doing it well.

When her time at UCSB came to an end, Natalie went to work as a legal assistant at a law firm here in town. She has plans to go to law school and eventually dominate the courtroom in much the same way she dominates in the gym. Watch out Claw and Pearlman, this girl is coming for you!

As always, AOTM is about so much more than the numbers on the whiteboard. Natalie shows up to the gym everyday with a smile on her face and a goal in mind. She’s not in it for the glory or the win, she’s here to be the best version of herself. And, most importantly, she knows that the best version of herself is a work in progress and that working hard will bring results. She has an open mind, loves her friends and is dedicated to the gym community and bettering herself as a CrossFit athlete. For that, Natalie, we salute you. So tonight, as we tune into the rose ceremony on the 49th season of The Bachelor, this Booch is for you! Saúde!

— Coach Sally