The holidays are in the rearview, it is no longer “socially acceptable” to play “All I Want for Christmas is You” on repeat, and we are gearing up for a whole new decade. This leaves just one more order of business before CPC officially kicks off 2020. Pour that final glass of eggnog, kiss the family drama goodbye until next holiday season and get ready for one last decking of the halls (whatever the fuck that means!). Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for your final AOTM of the decade, Annie “Juicebox” Hayes!

A regular at morning classes, Annie can be spotted by her constant ear to ear grin and floral print shoes. Native to Santa Barbara, Annie is a lawyer by day, which is confusing to me because she just seems SO NICE! Her positive attitude, desire to learn, hard work and infectious laugh are what earned her the top spot this month. To know Annie is to love Annie, and we want to make sure everyone knows it!

Annie is a strong, independent woman who has a lot more on her resume than CrossFit and lawyering. She is a member of the Blondes football team, of Blondes vs. Brunette fame (, she’s working towards her SCUBA certification, and she loves swimming. Annie has a horse named Tito, who loves candy canes, that she rides regularly. She also loves Thai food. If you follow her on Instagram you may also know that she has a very sweet relationship with her father, who she regularly features in her stories. There are so many wonderful things that could be said about Annie and it’s clear that the people in her life have a genuine appreciation for her ability to brighten anyone’s day.

Annie has recently participated in Coach Chance’s Barbell Club, so peep that oly lifting technique next time you see her in class. I’m sure she’d be happy to share some tips she learned with you as well! Annie is not afraid to ask questions and has a very strong desire to do things right and to the best of her ability. For that and so much more, we salute you, Annie. Tonight, as we eat our takeout Thai food paired with the season’s finest candy canes, we honor you, your contagious smile, and the shining light you bring to our community. Cheers!

–Coach Sally D