The kids are back in school, we’ve finally rid ourselves of those last bits of fiesta confetti, and everyone has their eyes set on a three-day weekend. That’s right, summer is in the rear view and September is coming at us like a semi-truck. All you CPCers are smart enough to know what all of this means … time for the changing of the guard! This month we honor none other than the glue that holds this place together (don’t tell Danielle I said that!). The (wo)man behind the curtain. Everyone’s favorite little croissant. Let’s give a nice, long, slow clap for Ms. August: Dania “small, but mighty” Vega!

Several years ago Dania took a job as a part-time assistant at our little slice of heaven, knowing nothing about CrossFit. She has since worked for 3 different owners, inherited every size extra small CPC shirt old and new, and become a total badass. When our beloved Lupe left us for the Sheriff’s Academy, Dania stepped up without missing a beat. She is now an executive assistant here at CPC, in addition to having a full-time job at a financial services firm. Whether you are a coach or a member you know how important Dania is to this gym. From processing memberships fees and Fit Aids to keeping your coaches in check, this girl really does it all. Originally from Yuba City, California, Dania is the youngest of five children. Don’t know where Yuba City is? It’s fine, no one does. She always has a smile on her face, a witty comment, and there’s just something about her that makes you want to scream her name when you see her. DANIA!!! Some fun facts about Dania: she has a twin sister named Denia, she can chug a beer faster than any frat boy in the history of fraternities, and she’s not a natural blonde. I know, I was surprised too! Not only is she a twin herself, but she has over a dozen sets of twins in her family. The Vega family is slowly working toward world domination, so I’d stay on her good side folks!

Like many of our athletes, Dania leaves all she’s got on the gym floor every time she’s in here. She’s worked with Coach Chance on developing her gymnastics skills, participated in barbell club, and is regularly asking questions and looking for tips on how to become a better athlete. She pushes herself without being irresponsible and she always checks her ego at the door. Dania is more concerned about quality and technique than the amount of weight on the bar. She also loves a good time and a good laugh. Trust me, there is nothing not to love about this girl!

We love Dania for more reasons than we can count. She works hard, plays harder, and brightens up any room she’s in. For all of this and so much more we salute you, Dania. So head on over to the fridge, pull out an ice cold beer, and shotgun that son of a bitch in honor of your August Athlete of the Month, Dania Vega! 

~Coach Sally D