The days are growing longer and the weather is starting to warm up. Easter has left us with a sugar hangover and the ever burning question of whether that holiday is about zombie Jesus or a bunny that is trying to give us all diabetes. But, that is neither here nor there because the important stuff is getting ready to go down. That’s right, lovers of fitness, meatheads and gym rats, the closing of April means yet another changing of the crown. Toss those Peeps in the trash, pull out your favorite 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, and help me in congratulating the newest member to the AOTM club, Ms. Krisitn, soon to be Mrs. Brian, Denault!

Krisitin is an avid 5pm’er, and if you aren’t paying attention you may not even know she’s there. She shows up, crushes workouts, and moves on with her life. No complaints, only hard work. She is extremely dedicated and takes her health and fitness seriously, which is evident in her impeccable form and impressive strength. Have you seen those legs at work?! They are STRONG and mobile, which makes it no surprise that her favorite movement is the overhead squat.

Originally from New York and a dual citizen of Ireland and the U.S., Krisitn’s brain is just as impressive as her brawn. She has a PhD in Materials Engineering from UCSB and is the founder and CEO of her own company (check them out at !). Krisitn made her way to Gravitas via the New You program, which she saw advertised on Facebook (social media for the win!). While the ad got her into the gym, it was the community and the programming that kept her coming back. CrossFit has added another dimension to this already multi-dimensional young lady, and we are very lucky to have her! Krisitn is also responsible for introducing her sidekick/fiance Brian to the gym. Two birds, one stone!

When she’s not in the gym, leaving Brian in her dust, you can find Krisitn working a jigsaw puzzle (note the puzzle piece tattoo on her tricep!), cooking up a gourmet meal in the kitchen, or planning her upcoming wedding. She and Brian will be tying the knot this summer at the Historical Museum in downtown Santa Barbara, so be sure to pass along any sage marriage advice to these two little love birds!

Kristin may be soft spoken and reserved, but when she has something to say you better be listening. She’s smart, strong, witty and, according to Brian, the “bees knees.” She has a strong desire to take on new challenges and is willing to put in the work necessary to do so. For that, Krisitn, we salute you. Tonight, as we open a bottle of the finest wine and pair it with the finest cheeses, we honor you and all the hard work you put in everyday without a single complaint. Keep up the hard work!     

~ Coach Sally D