Another year of Coachella has come and gone. The molly has worn off and everyone is getting back to business as usual. Here at Gravitas Fitness April showers don’t only bring May flowers, they also bring the crowning of a new badass Athlete of the Month. Gravletes and Gravletas, it’s time to trade in those Coachella crop tops and aviators for yoga pants and a ponytail because this month’s Athlete of the Month is Elyse “how the hell does she bend like that?!” Grossman.

Elyse, like many of our athletes, is a woman of many talents. She is an English teacher at Santa Barbara Middle School, a yoga instructor at Santa Barbara Yoga Center and an incredible mother to her son, Ethan. Outside of our sweaty, happy place you can find Elyse on adventures with her class or her son, enjoying the outdoors by hiking, biking and/or camping, or with her nose in a book. An English teacher who loves literature and poetry?! What a surprise!

Once an avid 6amer, these days Elyse is more regularly found at the 9am or 4:30pm class. She came to Gravitas with a desire to get stronger and to find balance among her many other activities. In addition to Crossfit Elyse also does yoga, pilates, runs and has recently taken up surfing. Don’t let her small stature fool you, this little lady packs a punch. Not only does she absolutely crush any sort of cardio or body weight workout, but Elyse doesn’t take shit from anyone, she is not afraid to voice her opinion and you can count on her to always be 100% herself.

Whether it’s having an intellectual conversation, finding adventure outdoors, or bending your body into unnatural positions, Elyse is a bleeding heart that everyone wants in their corner. She is caring, mindful, selfless and kind. Elyse, your cardio is nothing shy of the Energizer Bunny, your heart is far too big to fit in your chest and the love you show to other people is right up there with Mother Teresa. And for that, we love you. Keep being who you are, keep destroying those workouts and keep letting your light shine bright. This shavasana is for you!