Ms. May – Becky Villaneda

It’s coming folks, we are just around the corner from being closer to the end of the year then we are to the beginning of it. That means we’re getting closer to Solstice, 4th of July, Fiesta, and a whole bunch of other awesomeness that comes with residence in Santa Barbara. It also means that it’s time to crown another lady of our community as this months chief badass. So dust off that Marvin Gaye LP, put the kids in bed, pour you and your husband a vodka soda and let the velvety, soulful, quiver-inducing words of “Lets Get It On” put you in the mood for a deadlift-PRing, animal-protecting, Mary-Jane-smoking, downtown-raging, Bob-Marley-serenading, round of applause for Ms. May, the queen of La Raza, Becky “Ambassador of Sparkle” Villaneda!

Becky has been with us for the last seven-plus years and has left as indelible a mark on our little community as anyone could hope to.  When Becky first came into our lives it was after just having moved up from LA and she wanted to find a CrossFit gym that had a similar community and vibe to the one she had been training at in LA. (Fun fact: Becky’s old coach, Ruth, specifically called Eric and Traver to talk to them about Becky and ask that they take really good care of her because she was something special.)

Truer words were never spoken. Some people are blessed with the ability to positively effect those around them as easily as the rest of us mere mortals breathe. Since day one Becky has been dazzling us with her laugh, smile, and copious amounts of hugs. There has never been a weird situation, uncomfortable exchange, or bad mood that the very presence alone of our Ambassador of Sparkle couldn’t turn into a party and the time of your life.

Anyone who is lucky enough to count themselves as a friend of Becky’s clearly knows that she is, first and foremost, a lover of music.  Her passion for everything from dulcet tones to tight beats lead her to write a book about the record stores of LA that are still in business.  It’s a great volume for anyone interested in the history of vinyl and I highly recommend you ask her about it next time you see her. She’s also a regular attendee of any concert between San Luis Obispo and San Diego, look for her next time you’re at the Santa Barbara Bowl because I guarantee you she’ll be there.

When she’s not rocking out she’s no doubt marching for a just cause. She was at both the Santa Barbara Women’s March and the Santa Barbara Science March this year. This speaks to how big her heart is, she can’t stand the thought of people or animals suffering and goes to great lengths to support the organizations trying to make a difference. The rest of us wish we had one tenth of the conviction this lady does.

For the last seven years Becky has been one of the most consistent athletes at our gym, and for the last few years she’s also been our Ambassador of Sparkle. There could be no better choice for the job. She is responsible for our blog, special events, social media, and making sure our community stays as amazing as ever. Her hard work, creativity, enthusiasm, and love for our community and the people in it is why we chose her to be May’s AOTM.

Becky, we love you and we cherish you. When the gym is long gone and the memories of our time together are as faint as wisps of smoke on the wind, you will remain etched in our minds as clearly as the first day we met you. My writing can’t even do justice to the amazing qualities you bring into our lives. Because of you we smile more, we have more fun, and most of all we know we’re loved.  Everywhere I go I will take with me the memory of the fun we’ve had and the radiance that is your smile.


Your Gravitas Family