We are a pants size larger than last week, we survived dinner with our weird uncle and judgemental in-laws and Christmas has appeared out of nowhere. Tis the season for gluttony, consumerism and family feuds. But fear not, CPCers! For amidst the Black Friday deals and racist Nanas we have found a diamond in the rough. The end of turkey day not only brings Mariah Carey, Christmas trees and dreidels, it also means it is time to crown yet another athlete of the month here at Crossfit Pacific Coast. So, without further adieu, shake those jingle bells for the one, the only, and quite possible the youngest AOTM ever…Stan “Stanimal” Pearlman!

When starting Crossfit in November 2018, Stan knew that being the son of our very own Adam Pearlman would mean he’d have some big shoes to fill around the gym…literally. Luckily, Stan was up for the challenge. As a cross country runner, Stan was looking for something that would help him to get stronger. Knowing how uncool dads can be, he was hesitant to pick up the sport his father was so passionate about. Of course, as the story goes, dad was right, Crossfit is the coolest and Stan has become a complete BEAST. Catch the SBHS girls water polo team trying to sneak a peek during their Saturday morning training sessions 😉 

Born in Ventura, Stan has spent 16 of his 17 years in Santa Barbara. He is currently  a senior in high school, with plans to attend SBCC next year. Although partial to deadlifts and back squats, Stan has done Barbell Club with Coach Chance twice now and he’s starting to look pretty damn comfortable with those olympic lifts. Stan has also done the rowing class with Coach Bret and the nutrition program with Coach Nicole, where he was able to put on 10 pounds of lean muscle! He is also an incredibly talented babysitter and role model for the Williams boys when Coach Bret and Coach Nicole need a little respite. 

When he isn’t moving weights in the gym, Stan fancies himself an outdoorsman. He enjoys camping, river rafting and hiking. In fact, Stan has plans to work as an assistant river guide this summer in Oregon with his older sister. While he is a man of many talents who enjoys many of the finer things in life, one place you will never find Stan is in the kitchen. According to his uncool dad, Adam, Stan would rather starve than cook himself a meal. Here’s hoping Santa has a few GrubHub gift cards for Stan’s stocking this year!

Stan, I think I speak for the majority of the gym when I say how badly I wish I was doing Crossfit at your age! You are strong, you are patient and you are hungry (both figuratively and literally, I’m sure). The amount of effort you put in is apparent in the huge amount of growth you’ve made in only one year. For that, and so much more, we salute you. Tonight, this takeout is for you, Stan!

— Coach Sally DeLyser