As we’ve basked in the sunny days of summer, we’ve also fallen on some exciting times around the gym. Mr. Glassman himself came by to say hello at a recent Saturday morning community class and our fearless leader has taken us back to where it all started: Crossfit Pacific Coast. However, more exciting than any of that is the changing of the guard, the passing of the crown, the naming of a new king of the castle. Ladies and gentlemen of CPC, close those office doors, let the cascarones fly, crank up Ms. Spears on the Sonos and help me in congratulating Mr. August … It’s Rob, bitch!

A Santa Barbara native, Mr. Rob Thelander started his CrossFit journey in 2016 at CrossFit Boathouse with our very own Coach Chance. In a fortunate turn of events for all of us, they both ended up at Crossfit Pacific Coast. Rob is an avid 5:30 pm’er, but can also be found getting his post-class pump on in the ID room or squatting on Sundays. While he prefers gymnastics movements to Olympic lifting, Rob is down for anything worthy of the ‘gram! Most importantly, he puts in the time to work on his weaknesses and is always trying to better himself as an athlete.

By day Rob is an employee of Kate Farms in Carpinteria. If you are not familiar with Kate Farms, they make medical-grade formulas out of high quality, organic ingredients without allergens (think Pedia-Sure, but way better). When he is not working or in the gym, Rob can be found practicing the latest and greatest trends in skin care (ask him about his regimen), rubbing elbows with celebs (he used to be in the “‘biz”), or keeping up with his two best girls, Britney Spears and Ariana Grande (he’s seen Britney in concert SEVERAL times). A master of what’s hot and what’s not, Rob can fill you in on the latest gossip about everything from CrossFit athletes to washed up ‘90’s celebs. He’s a walking People magazine and we are lucky to have him around!

In my opinion, Rob is a triple threat: he loves a good bro sesh, he loves pop culture and he drives a Lexus. Not only that, but Rob is a smart and driven athlete. He may not be putting up the heaviest numbers or the fastest times, but he checks his ego at the door and does what’s right for him. He spends time before and after class stretching, working on a new skill, or getting in some body building. But, what we really, truly love the most about Rob, and the reason we will bow to him for the next month, is that he’s a genuinely good human being. He is hilarious, he is unique, and he is an asset to our Community. For all that, and so much more, we salute you, Rob! Keep on dancing ‘til the world ends.