We’re always so grateful when our members compete and rep Gravitas — and the banners hanging at our gym prove just how amazingly great you all are! This weekend four of our main mens will again be competing at the annual NorCal Masters!

I wanted to find out what makes these gents tick, and they kindly obliged … check out each of their quick Q-and-A’s. Also, post to comments your well wishes and thank them for reppin our sweaty happy place!

Steve Dugan

Q: What number NorCal Masters comp will this be for you? Second year, still feel like a rookie.

Q: What sets this competition apart from other comps?  Everything really. It’s super organized, the facilities are amazing, and there’s no young kids (i.e. under 35) running around, getting on my lawn. I have only been to a few comps. NorCal Masters is very well run, you have to be ready for your heat because it starts on time. There’s tons of space for each competitor to move through each WOD. Oh! They have a coffee stand with all kinds of interesting coffees and a plethora of creamers, some I’ve never heard of. There’s a bunch of fun booths with free stuff like recovery drinks and sunglasses. The trainers are excellent. The venue, a huge glass building looking over the water, was an incredible. Augie and I caught a short movie at the Rosie the Riveter museum next door.

Q: Why are you personally competing in this one? I went last year because so many cool people from Gravitas were going. Also, Claw told me to go and I listen to everything he says.  It’s great to compete with our team, cheering each other on, and celebrating each other’s successes. Not sure if others know, but I’m a bit competitive.  I love the nerves prior to starting, trying to push myself to keep up with these great athletes, the rush of adrenaline, and the high after.

Q: Any advice for people on the fence about competing? Go. Make sure to join Augie for the Saturday night dinner. You’ll learn the physiological tricks to gorging oneself. It was one of my favorite memories of 2018.

Berkeley “Augie” Johnson

A: 5th or 6th… I have halfsheimers and can’t remember at this age.

A: All masters, appropriate 5 year age groupings.

A: I like clam chowder and competing with my Santa Barbara mate’s.

A: Get off the fence. It is an amazing, incredible weekend with a great DJ.

Jim “Claw” Cordes

A: Five or six, based on my collected t-shirts.

A: Everything really. It’s super organized, the facilities are amazing, and there’s no young kids (i.e. under 35) running around, getting on my lawn.

A: Why are you personally competing in this one? – To test myself against the best in the world.

A: Any advice for people on the fence about competing? – Do it. You don’t have to win to succeed.

Adam Pearlman

A: This will be my fourth year competing at NorCal.
A: I like to do NorCal because it is only for Masters athletes (screw all you youngsters). I am used to competing against a small number of masters athletes which can include guys who are 10+ years younger than me. At NorCal I am competing against 50-year-olds – albeit super fit 50-year-olds. I like that.
A: It is a competition but it is not competitive.  Everyone is there to have fun and do a hard workout together. Most of the athletes bring their spouses and kids and it’s a nice family atmosphere. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging. It is also amazing to see the athletes that are 65+.
A: If you are on the fence you should not be. It’s a fun and challenging competition. I promise you that you have never worked out so hard in two consecutive days. You will be crushed by the end of the second day but you will also have a great sense of accomplishment. Plus if you’ve never heard Booty sing the national anthem you are missing out.  She has sung the national anthem the last two years and people have to scrape their jaws off the floor when she is done. She brings the house down.