As long days of summer come to a close, parents everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief as they send their kids back to school.  Labor Day is just around the corner and the brisk days of fall are starting to show. With summer in the rear view mirror of a giant white Ford truck, we are ready to crown our newest Athlete of the Month. Ladies and gentlemen, cowboys and cowgirls, strap on your boots and spurs, fire a few rounds into the air, buy your tickets to the gun show and give a giant “yee haw” to Gravitas’s very own Mr. August, Ralph “All Rifles Matter” Iannelli!

Ralph is local boy, born and raised in Montecito. When he’s not throwing massive amounts of weight around the gym, Ralph can be found at the shooting range or exploring the great outdoors…whether it be hunting, hiking, or taking in some sun at the beach. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you though, Ralph is a softie and, some (his coach) might say, can even be a bit of a princess at times. One thing you won’t find Ralph doing is camping. He’s one classy man and only “glamps” in his fifth wheel. Ralph is a proud father of a beautiful daughter, Sadie, and his better half is OG CPC coach Emlynn. To pay the bills, Ralph owns and runs Carpinteria Valley Lumber Co.

Ralph’s journey at CPC started at the intro class with our very own Dani and Danielle, back in 2012, and it wasn’t long before Ralph was crushing workouts on a daily basis. After putting in some time in group classes, Ralph made the move to Individual Design, as one of the first private, competitive clients at Gravitas. Ralph, like many of us, is incredibly competitive and puts in countless hours at the gym (you’ll smell his knee sleeves!) completing the workouts programmed for him without a single complaint. He regularly does two-a-day workouts and has made it a personal goal to qualify for regionals as an individual.

Not only is Ralph a top notch athlete, but he is one hell of a human being. He teaches firearms training at Paratus Training twice a week, coaches at his wife’s gym, and takes regular trips to Mammoth. On top of all that, Ralph is one of the most loyal, generous, and hardworking dudes you will ever meet. Ralph has been a member of our gym for almost five years, and has yet to be publicly recognized for his efforts. We can all only aspire to have the drive and work ethic that Ralph shows day in and day out, both in and outside of the gym.

All that being said, we love you Ralph. Thank you for being you, thank you for making us laugh, and thank you for giving us all something to strive for. So, as you sit quietly and reflect on the crazy days of summer, remember crack open a Shiner Bock, holster your guns, and wear your favorite gun shirt in honor of Mr. August, Ralph Iannelli.